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About Me

I can give your brand/business a New look right away

Welcome to my digital playground, where pixels come to life and user experiences become unforgettable journeys! My name is Egwuatu Dugidem , a passionate frontend developer with a mission to craft visually stunning and intuitively functional websites. Armed with a keyboard and a creative mind, I’m seeking to translate ideas into interactive realities. From sleek designs that dance on the screen to seamless navigation that feels like second nature, I thrive on the artistry of coding. Join me on this web-weaving adventure as we transform visions into vibrant, user-centric masterpieces. Let’s turn your online presence into a captivating story – one line of code at a time!


Navigating the digital frontier with my keyboard as my compass, I am a frontend maestro with a flair for WordPress wizardry. Crafting visually arresting websites is my forte, and the symphony of code plays wonderfully under my fingertips. Currently, I’m not just building websites; I’m also mastering the art of WooCommerce wizardry. Take a stroll through my virtual domain – the very canvas of my WordPress prowess, where every pixel tells a story of skill, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

My current skillset includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React Native and WordPress. I hope to offer more in the future as I am currently taking courses on CSS frameworks ; bootstrap and tailwind css , fullstack development and Woocommerce (WordPress plugin for building e-commerce websites)

Personal Awards

Now that you know a bit about me and what I have to offer. Here are some of my personal accolades over the years.



Awarded Basic Certificate in Leadership Studies (Afe Babalola University)

Member, Computer Professionals (Registration Council of Nigeria) 

B. Sc Computer Science Second Class Upper Honors with a CGPA of 4.44 (Afe Babalola University)

Awarded certificate in Graphics Design by GAFMEDIA

Certificate of Participation GDSC x IEEE BUILD A BOT PROGRAM (An Intensive Basic Robotics Training)